Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Gimmies

Lately I've been suffering from the gimmies. Long lists of things I want/need desperately pop into my head and I quickly become obsessed, researching different models, prices, etc. At least now a lot of the items are things to improve my quality of life, make my apartment less cluttered, although it doesn't seem right that buying a bunch of things will make my apartment more organized.

The things I've purchased will help me organize my kitchen, wall mount a lot of stuff I use to get the clutter off of the surfaces:

magnetic knife rack - bought one and hung it last month
grocery bag holder/dispenser - bought Tuesday
2-in-1 salt and pepper shaker - bought Tuesday
two stainless steel spice jar shelves - bought last night
mat to put under the cat dish - bought last night
Oh, and I bought a feather duster too. I wanted to get a static duster wand so that the dust wouldn't fly all over the place, but if I dust before I vacuum, that should take care of it.

-a plant for my desk at work (i have LOTS of plants at home, but I've been at this job almost 3 years now and have never brought one in. I guess it's something to do with permanence...)
-body fat scale
-treadmill - so i don't have to go outside or go to the gym (um, I live in a studio?)
-stationary bicycle (same)

things I've always wanted:
chess match clock
manual typewriter (had an electric one until my last move in September. I got rid of it because i never used it.)

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