Friday, December 14, 2007

Hooray for Snow!

Yesterday we had our first big snow here in New England. The storm was talked about for two days beforehand, speculation was rampant about how many inches, if there would be sleet, if schools should be closed, etc. Well, yesterday morning I managed to find my boots in the bottom of my closet. I was hoping I could toss them out, becuase I've just ordered a pair of snow boots from L.L. Bean, which of course will get here after our bumper storms have come and gone and the snow has melted.

I spent the morning riding the subway to and from my dentist to have a pain checked out that turned out to be nothing. She said that my front tooth has tilted in ever so slightly, not enough to see, but enough to change my bite. Now when I bite down, my front tooth hits first, putting pressure on that tooth, and it hurts. This has lead to cold and hot sensitivity, and even a little bleeding around the gums at that tooth. My dentist acctually said that I might benefit from a retainer to push my front tooth out a little bit. She said the cost was minimal, then said $250. Yikes! She said a retainer would be a little wire putting pressure on the back of the tooth to push it a bit forward. I think I'll try her first recommendmation of wearing my night guard for a week to see if it helps with the pressure on my tooth. Or I could push on it with my thumb and use the night guard. Umm, I think I'll go with the free thumb option. I don't have the luxury of dental insurance that would pay for a silly retainer. And besides, I'm sure if I did have the insurance that I would have used it all up by now in the course of a year.

There was some sort of accident in the subway this morning, so when I was trying to get to the dentist I ended up taking a shuttle bus all around town to reconnect with the working subway line and then walk to where I could pick up the right street for my dentist! I got to work at about noon.

Wait, wasn't I writing about snow? Well, I got to work at noon, where I found that two people had already left early becuase of impending snow doom. Everyone else was advising me to do the same and get the heck out. The snow started around 1:30 pm and was coming down pretty fast. I left work at 2:30 and spend an hour and a half sitting on the bus, waiting for the traffic to move. If I had been thinking, I would have been smart and taken the SUBWAY! Oh well. The snow feel hard and fast, and the city was quickly buried under a heavy wet blanket. How beautiful!

Now here I am today, having fought my way through unshoveled sidewalks and unplowed streets, and I have to say that I LOVE the snow. People here get into such a panic about it, but it's not a big deal. I guess we're supposed to have another big storm tomorrow night, so that might makes things icky, but I don't mind too much. Just you wait though, I'm sure I'll be cursing the snow tomorrow when I have to walk to a holiday show on small streets with my old boots.

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kelly said...

yeah, i don't know what the big deal is either. though, it sounds like you guys got hit with more than us (4 inches). can't wait for Sat night though... 1-2 ft! woo woo