Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Shirt sleeves

It's funny how one little thing can make your day. This morning I decided to dress better for work and wear an actual shirt - button down, not a t-shirt or made of t-shirt jersey. Amazing. I have a short sleeve button down emerald green shirt in my closet. It has little pearl buttons that make the sleeves like french cuffs. I bought this shirt last October (11 months ago) along with the same shirt in maroon to go with a jacket - in that fall spurt of I-have-to-shop-and-buy-all -nice-professional-clothes-and-stop-dressing-like-a-shlub insanity. Imagine my surprise when I went to put on the green shirt this morning and the price tag was still attached to the label. I'm sure I've worn this shirt before...or at least thought about it quite a lot. I know I've worn the maroon shirt because I wore it with the jacket I bought to a work conference (the event that set off the shopping spree last year). I liked the shirt but was a bit uncomfortable with the sleeves, cute as they are. That little french cuff detail doesn't lie flat under a sleeve when the shirt sleeve is already as tight as it can get on your arm. Last fall wearing that shirt it was bunching up, a little too tight for my body, definitely too tight for my liking on the arms.

Pleasant surprise of the morning - putting on said green shirt and realizing that it fits just fine. The sleeves do not dig into my arms. I can raise my arms over my head! No puckering anywhere - bust, stomach, shoulders...in fact now it might be a little big in the bust.

On September 1st I stepped on the scale to see where I stand, and according to the scale I've lost 7 pounds this summer. I didn't believe it, but I weighed myself again on the 7th, and still the same lower number. I haven't been working out or being a control freak about food. Now that I can see the difference in a tangible way - this shirt fitting better, I'm starting to believe the loss is real. Hooray!

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