Monday, March 9, 2009

Silence and Snow

I can't believe that I've been so quiet on this blog. My mind is always working away, thinking of posts, worrying, planning, dreaming, worrying...Okay, so it makes sense then that I haven't posted, because once again I'm stuck in my internal world.

Work and worrying about finances has taken up most of my mental space. Finances at work, at home, and world-wide are unstable. I can't read the paper or blogs about finance anymore because I get scared. I know a lot of people who are struggling in this economy. Heck, they were struggling before things got "bad". This is the first time I've worried about my company going under. It's not really comforting to know that we're okay for now, but who knows what the fall looks like? Should I be running around throwing my revamped resume' at anyone who will take it? Maybe I should start with updating my resume'.

I keep putting these posts in here as drafts. I have 4 different posts waiting to be finished and let out of the queue, but somehow I don't get back to blogger to release them.

Okay, here's what I came on here to say, and then I'll spend some time tomorrow night pulling the other posts into the daylight.

I am writing on here because I'm going to do my first bar increases in knitting. That's when you knit in the front and in the back of the same stitch to add a stitch. I've done yarn over, make one, wrap and turn, but not bar increase. I'm working on the left sleeve for a baby sweater and I'm nervous. Why would this make me nervous when I'm planning a major lace project? Who knows. Everything makes me nervous lately.

I haven't posted any pictures of the sweater yet - here or on ravelry. I have the back panel and left side finished. Last night I ripped out the right side because I was going to have to start a new ball in the middle. The sweater pieces are small enough that I don't have to do that. I just wasn't thinking when I started knitting the right side last week.

And my cowl? 1.5 rows left. Winter is almost over. I should be working on this and nothing else. But in order to do that last row I have to start another ball of yarn. ARGH! I keep going back and forth between leaving that last row off and finishing, and knowing that if I don't do the pattern right it's going to bother me forever because the edges won't match.

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a nutt said...

FINALLY! I have been waiting for an update. Not that I haven't seen you, but still. I blame the weather and the flus/colds we have all had for the blahness. Things are picking up though. We need to plana spring trip. Wish I had a reason to hit up Ikea with you! hahaha