Friday, April 24, 2009

Bubble Tea and Shopping

I went shopping on Saturday with a friend and had my first bubble tea. I was really surprised that I like the tapioca ‘pearls’ in the bottom of the drink. Sort of gummy, chewy, and not much flavor themsevles, but they make the drink experience fun. Is this the same kind of tapioca that my mom used to make pudding when I was a kid? I never liked the stuff. Now I’ve come to appreciate tastes that aren’t just sicky sweet. I ordered a Jasmine milk tea with ‘pearls’ and was pleasantly surprised.
I also found some great shoes for work, pictured here. Kenneth Cole Reaction black leather flats. They remind me of ballet toe shoes. They are just a little tight at the ball of my foot (what shoes aren't) and so I think they'll break in nicely. I also found these grey mary janes in clearance with Mel's help. I seem to be growing up - look at the shoes I'm buying! I had actually entered the store to find some banana yellow flats, for fun fashion-y kicky summer looks. I LOVE the black flats, and just now I'm remembering why I thought I needed some brown shoes. Duh, I have a lot of brown clothes, and having brown shoes would make sense.

Maybe I can get back out to the store and buy the same shows in brown.

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