Saturday, January 2, 2010

The New Year Purge

It's become a New Year's tradition for me to spend Januery 1st organizing my closet. I mean everything. The entire closet gets emptied, dusted, vacummed, and then put back in an orderly fashion. I need at leat a full day for this because my closet is about 10 wide so it's mostly storage. I decided not to tackle the closet for my January tradition becuase I can't actually get to it. My whole apartment has reached a mess level that makes me anxious. SO, I spent today focusing on the living room. I did work a little in each of the other rooms, but this is where I spent the most time.

The sheer volume of my paperwork mess has me overwhelmed, but at least all the financial/health papers i have come across so far are filed. i know there are more piles of it lurking in the bedroom but i'm okay with not finishing everything by monday. i think everyone else has the same idea. i took 1 bag each of paper and jar recyling outside and their are piles of bags of trash and recyling along the side of the building. yikes! I did finish a craft project too and find my old aquarium rocks for the paperwhite. The desk resettling will be tomorrow. I think it's time to break for dinner.

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Annmarie said...

My paper white was absolutely beautiful. It has just about faded now, but I loved it this whole past week.