Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Seeds Update

Yesterday I checked on the seeds and the 3 pots with lavender had white fuzz mold on them. I cut those 3 out and tossed them so the mold won't spread. Those seeds were old and I wasn't sure they were going to grow, but I didn't think they would mold on top. Guess I need to get some lavender seeds, though I read that planting marigolds around your vegetable garden will keep the bugs away so maybe I should get seeds for marigolds instead.

I realized I didn't list what I planted on Sunday, and I also wanted to make a chart of the germination times, so here we go!
Seed CompanyVegetable TypeGermination Rates
BurpeeGarden Bean - Greensleeves7-14 days
BurpeeGarden Bean - Royal Burgundy7-14 days
BurpeeGarden Bean - Super Wax7-14 days
Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsPepper - Purple Beautynot listed
BurpeeLetuce - Burpee Bib7-10 days
Botanical InterestsCarrot - Tonda di Parigi10-25 days
Crosman's SeedsKale - Dwarf Blue Curled Scotch7-10 days
Botanical InterestsSummer Squash - Black Beauty Zucchini5-10 days
Seed CompanyHerb TypeGermination Rates
Botanical InterestsSage - Garden Broadleaf5-15 days
BurpeeSweet Basil7-14 days
Seed CompanyFlower TypeGermination Rates
Botanical InterestsSweet Pea - Princess Elizabeth and Cupid Pink10-15 days
BurpeeViola - Helen Mount7-14 days

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