Saturday, May 15, 2010

Trying on Emmaline

Emmaline take 1 - 05.15.2010
Originally uploaded by bareblueskin

I've used up one ball of yarn and started the second. I am 4 repeats in of the K1/Raglan Increase rounds and trying on Emmaline to see where the arms are. Are the markers that divide off the sleeve stitches supposed to meet under my arm? Is that how I know if it's long enough? For the large I need to do 8 rounds. I tried to take better pictures, but it's hard to hold the sleeve markers in place for the picture on my own. I guess that means they're not in the right place yet!


3goodrats said...

Yes, they should meet under your arm. I find it somewhat difficult to gauge though, because you don't want the armholes too tight or too loose. It looks great so far though!

a nutt said...

It does look amazing, very good fit on you.