Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer weekends

I feel like this was my first official summer weekend this year, and I spent it doing lots of summer things. I:

-sprawled out in front of the fan and watch BBC America for hours (How Clean is Your House?, You Are What You Eat, Top Gear)
-made a pitcher of peach iced tea and drank it all in an hour
-did my crazy P90 cardio workout and yes, the Ab Ripper 100 too
-ate lunch and people watched in Boston Common
-spent time reconnecting with someone from high school and I think she and I will now be great friends - it only took 18 years!
-went to the MFA and soaked up some good art, stinky cheese, and sangria
-went for pizza
-ate Abbott's frozen custard from my hometown but in Needham, MA!
-puttered around in the garden
-watched as my computer slipped into a coma (not sure yet what the problem is or if it's fixable)
-pulled out a hibernating scarf project and knit on it for a while
-managed to sunburn just my neck and shoulders
-pulled smaller summer clothes out of underbed storage. I put on my shorts to go outside, and realized they were baggy. As in, too big for me. Hooray! So I decided to try some of the "used to fit but don't right now" clothes and voila! We have fitting! (must be a sign of weight loss but I'm too nervous to check)

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