Monday, May 2, 2011

Emmaline undone?

Finishing Emmaline has been an obsession of mine for the past 6 weeks. Each day, whether it was a knitting day or not, I would check my progress on the garment and the pattern. Would my slight modifications be enough to account for my hourglass but plus-sized build? How will this yarn act once it's on my body and reacting to gravity?

After finishing the written pattern minus 6 rows in the center, I decided to add 17 more rows of length to it and struggled through the last rows. I just want it done already! I measured the remaining yarn to make sure I would have enough for the final purl row and bind off purled edge. I finished, unpicking and redoing the bind off halfway through for a looser edge, and had about 10 yards to spare.

What I hadn't taken into account is that now the edge extended to the top of my hips. Darn! Definitely too tight/too long. I think I will have to unravel a bit and try again. In fact, it looks like I will have to undo all of the added length rows and add some increases. I will not add as many rows for length this time - maybe only 12 additional rows.

The bind off edge I ended up with was unforgiving, but I had tried hard to keep it loose. I don't want to do the sewn edge bind off because it will take forever to pulled that long end through but that might give me a better fit. I have read that a few people did the bind off using a needle one or two sizes up, and that might be an easy solution for this top.

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3goodrats said...

I used this stretchy bind-off on a sweater and really liked it: Good luck finishing!