Sunday, July 17, 2011

Froggy went a courtin' *revised*

Somehow yesterday I hit post instead of save draft, and I posted my entry filled with errors. Here is the revised version with the 3rd frogged project listed.

I've frogged three WIP knits, all garments. Hmmm.

1. Top down Raglan - started 2/6/10
Permanent hibernation - 10/17/10
Frogged - 7/17/11

2. Emmaline - started 4/17/10

Completed 5/1/11
Frogged - 7/17/11

3. Buttercup - started 5/3/11
Frogged - 7/17/11

1. The top down raglan was me trying to make a sweater for myself, and thinking I am the size of a hippo. That sweater would have looked like a clown prop in size if I had finished it. I was only to the 3rd buttonhole from the top down, so there wasn't a lot to frog.

2. I finished Emmaline in May and tried it on. It appeared in the Knitty Summer 2010 issue in bulky weight cotton yarn. A little big in the bust, and too tight in the bind off, and this yarn (Lion Brand Nature's Choice Organic Cotton  is just not suited for summer or for this pattern. Plus, this yarn sheds everywhere. I read on some Ravelry boards that the fiber length in this cheap organic cotton is really short, and they skip the step in the manufacturing process where all that fluff  gets separated out to make really nice organic yarn. Hmm.

When I first decided to make this pattern I also bought the Cotlin yarn from Knitpicks in Planetarium to make a dk version of this, but thought I'd make it according to pattern in bulky first. Not sure if that was a smart move or not! Seems I've wasted over a year on this, mainly with the project sitting in a box whispering to me about possible problems from the shelf. So I'm frogging this, but I think I learned a good amount from it.

I need to make the bottom of the sleeve cuff a little wider, probably an inch, and do more increases
around the stomach to make the top flare out for more room at the waist/hip area.

Also, make one size for the top to underbust, and a larger size for the stomach  I think I made a L for the whole thing, and added increases 3 times to the stomach/natural waist area for me. I wore the top for about 10 minutes and in that time the bust area expanded enough to be roomy on Dolly Parton!

Next time I should make a Medium in the dk weight?I'd like to make it again in the hempathy I bought for Buttercup, or the Cotlin from Knitpicks. Decisions, decisions.

3. I thought Buttercup would be a good pattern for me since it's similar to Emmaline in style, and have a forgiving flare out at the bottom. I have read about some fit problems with the neckline, and I worry that not having a defined bust section will mean I just look a bit tent-y. In any case, this will not be revisited until I remake Emmaline, and first I have to find the modifed DK version of the pattern that some wonderful Raveler created.

I'm a bit frustrated with all this frogging. It's not my style. But do I want my style to be boxes of unfinished projects and bound energy sitting taking up space? No. Onward!


3goodrats said...

Oh no, frogging is very sad. I do admire your fortitude though in still planning to make Emmaline. Whenever I frog something I can't even bear to ever think of it again. I wish I could just learn from it and try, try again!

ingrid said...

If I hadn't hesitated so much while making Emmaline, I might have the 2nd version completed now. I'm trying to learn to trust my gut more on this knitting stuff!