Monday, January 27, 2014

Knitting Goals for 2014

Earlier in January I was watching the Stockinette Zombies podcast and they were talking about knitting goals. Do you make them? Do they present a welcome challenge, or drive you crazy during the year? Or, like me, do you write them down and promptly forget you made goals in the first place? The SZ created a knitting goals challenge for this year, and I thought it was time to set some for myself (which also caused me to fish out the list 2013 and post them last weekend).

Even though I tried to keep the list small, I easily hit ten items and cried STOP! That's probably enough. I will post updates when I remember and maybe my Babette blanket will come out of deep hibernation...

2014 GOALS:
  1. knit 2 hats for charity knitting
  2. finish my first adult size sweater (Pont Neuf for myself)
  3. knit a pair of socks two at a time (first pair of socks with sock yarn)
  4. organize and cull out stash for donation/swap
  5. make progress on my Babette blanket complete at least 2 squares a month)
  6. reduce my stash by 10% (starting out with 245 skeins)
  7. participate in the Ravellenic games
  8. reduce hibernating projects from the current 8 to no more than 5, either through frogging or finishing
  9. finish spinning my Tour de Fleece 2013 project during this year's TDF
  10. carry knitting with me and work on it during longer commutes and waiting-around times

Also participating in a knitting goals challenge via the Stockinette Zombies podcast. 

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