Monday, August 18, 2014

Book Review - Southern Fried Sushi

Southern Fried Sushi by

I can't really remember what made me try this book. It was a free title available on the Kindle, so I'm sure that was a major factor. I go through periods of downloading free books because they're free, not necessarily because I have been looking for that book, or I think it's a book I'll really enjoy.

This book actually ticks a few of the entries on my "just no/dislikes" list:
  • southern
  • christian/religious
  • dead parents - this one is on the list because I've read a few too many books that deal with this, and they make me sad, so I'm avoiding them for now.
had I looked the book up on Goodreads or read any reviews, I would have known that people have categorized this book as Christian fiction.

I thought the name of the book was clever, and was willing to overlook the southern aspect since it is set in Tokyo, or it was at the beginning, and quickly shifts to rural Virginia. The cover was kicky and fun and I knew it would be a light read, or so I was led to believe.

I'm giving this book 3/5 stars on Goodreads because if I could ignore all the religious rhetoric, the story kept me interested and entertained. I do NOT enjoy books that are heavy-handed with religious talk - spiritual insight is different for me, I am fine with reading about a character's journey, but all the quotations from Scripture tripped up the story.

I was not aware this was in the Christian fiction category when I took advantage of the free Kindle download from Amazon. I was focused on the East/West culture clash and the great descriptions of life in Tokyo. I also do not care for anything Southern (other than chicken-fried steak) so this book was a stretch for me on multiple levels.

The book end with a lot of major plot point unresolved. I feel like there will be lingering interaction with her Tokyo life, but those threads were just kind of dropped about halfway through the book.

The thing is, this book is one in a series, and I am pretty sure I will pick up book #2 to find out what happens to Shiloh. Does Shiloh stay in the south? Pretty sure that's a yes. Does she sell the house? Get together with Adam? Turn into a bible-thumping preacher? Get a big job offer and have a tough decision to make?

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