Monday, May 14, 2007

Reading project for summer

Once again I've been trying to get rid of some stuff in my two room studio apartment. I recently bought a used loveseat futon for my living room/lounge area. It's fantastic, exactly what I wanted, only... I don't have room to keep the chair and small table that was in that spot before I brought the futon home. Here's a shot of the futon (not in my apartment, but as shown for sale on craigslist)

I'm trying to weed out books and movies that I don't 'need' to have on my shelves. I managed to pull 4 dvds and list them on (one of which sold already!) but books are much harder to relinquish. I have two bookcases that are overflowing with books

So many of the books on my shelf now are books I intend to read, but haven't yet. So, my goal for the summer is to read these books, and not buy new books. Of course this doesn't apply to any that I've already ordered that are on their way (the new Haruki Murakami, an old Murakami, and the last Harry Potter) or any books that I might get while on vacation (there are two trips coming up that I know will be a book temptation).

Here are shots of my three bookshelves. This is really pared downfrom what I used to have. I moved to this apartment in September 2006, and had to get rid of a lot of things to make better use of my space. As you can see, some shelves are now two layers deep with books.

Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy
Vanity Fair
The Sensualist (by one of my favorite authors, and I've started it a few times over the years, getting more than halfway through, but something happens and i've never finished!)
The Go-Girl guide (or maybe just sell)
Crime and Punishment
Germinal by Emil Zola
Les Miserables
From Dalloway to Woolf
Mama Gena's Guide to Womanly Arts
The Reign of Law
The Phish Book
Fight Club

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