Wednesday, October 10, 2007

walking, knitting and more

I hate it when someone walks behind me on the street. Just behind, about 5 paces, and follows along for a while. The slap sound of their shoes, the noise of them scuffing along (pick up your feet!). I can't see them out of the corner of my eye, but I know that they must be staring at my giant ass, or thinking that I walk funny. It's worse when it's just me and that other person on the street. Why don't they speed up or slow down? If it's two people having a conversation RIGHT BEHIND me, sometimes I get so annoyed that i stop suddenly on the street and make them pass me. Weird, yes. They probably didn't even notice i was there, but they certainly notice me now. Psycho.

On another front, I saw someone kintting on the bus today and watched her stitch along for a few minutes. It looked so effortless, so contained. Much more delicate than mine. I think she was using a much thinner or lighter weight yarn. I've been practicing with a basic yarn, Red Heart, that's kind of bulky. I taught myself how to knit on September 28th from a book with excellent left-handed illustrated diagrams.

I was actually buying my sister a birthday gift of the knitting book kit and yarn, and decided that I would get one for myself too. (I don't usually buy that way). It's kind of fun. It's very different from the very detailed cross stitch that I usually work on. With knitting there is no chart to follow, no needles to thread and change. I'm sure once I get practiced in the basic knit and purl motions I'll want to attempt something more complicated, but I'm trying to keep knitting simple in my life.

Less than two weeks now until my little sister's wedding!

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