Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Birthday Woes

You know what I would really like for my birthday? To be 4 years younger. Actually, for my sisters and I to each be 4 years younger. I would wake up tomorrow at the exact same point in my life, same debts, accomplishments, job history, stressors, anxious cat, non-car existence, but younger. Then I would be more in step with the rest of the world that has accomplished so much more than I.
You’re probably wondering how old I am to be wishing for youth – 32. Or I will be tomorrow. I certainly seem younger than I am, so I just want to abjust the number to fit with how I act and live. Lately everyone I meet my age is married with multiple children, owns a house, etc. Not me. I don't feel ready for any of those things either.

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