Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Typewriters Obsolete?

We had a temp working in the office today to handle the stuffing and sending of our newsletter to our target list. At one point I had Ilya, cute 24-year-old guy who just graduated with an impressive degree in bio and engineering and secured a hotsy-totsy job in downtown Boston, type up two mailing labels for names that were added to the list after the mass production of letters and labels. I pointed him in the direction of the back office, where the antiquated electric typewriter sits, and gave him some labels. After a few minutes he came to my desk. He had NEVER used a typewriter! EVER! Or a word processor either I guess, since that is almost the same as an electric typewriter.
I was stunned. I love typewriters. The immediacy of it. No programs, no additional hardware required. Just slightly upgraded handwriting. No record, no editing, just raw text. Up until recently I had a word processor in my closet for when inspiration struck. The screen no longer worked, and the disks no longer saved. [read electric typewriter] When I moved from my last apartment I put it in the large free pile on my porch and watched it walk away to a good home. I miss having a typewriter, but I just don't have the space right now. Once I graduate to a 1-bedroom maybe I can bring one the typewriters from my parents attic here and pound away a masterpiece.

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