Sunday, May 18, 2008

Craftastic - Sock Wars, Naked Llamas, and New Hampshire

Well, I'm dead. This pretty pair of yellow/blue/green socks was my end. Ikumi from Maryland did a great job and knitted her fingers raw during the first weekend of sock wars III. I knew I wouldn't finish my socks, but I didn't even get halfway down one! On the right is the sock I made for my target in Tennessee, but I mailed to my assassin Ikumi for finishing. May the sock gods be with her! This pattern was really hard. I thought I would have a tough time because I've only been knitting for 6 months but everyone was posting on the forums that the pattern was impossible. At least I picked up some new stitches for my arsenal!

Here's Harry looking at me as I packed up my unfinished sock "maybe now she'll brush me". Isn't he cute? I should make him a little hat and making sweater. Or maybe I should spin his fur into yarn and make myself a sweater!

Last but not least, on May 10th I went to the New Hampshire Sheep and Llama Festival with my knitting group. What fun! There were vendors selling handmade pieces, yarn, wool, spinning wheels, and even llamas! I bought some nice wool yarn which will look pretty on my shelf until I figure out what to make with it. And here's a picture of some of my nitting crew, loaded up with yarn and kettle corn made on the spot.

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