Friday, May 16, 2008

Wound Too Tight

This morning while waiting for the bus, I watched as a man unwrapped a Ghiradelli mint chocolate square, put the chocolate in his mouth, and dropped the wrapper on the ground in one smooth motion. Infuriating! He was standing next to the Metro paper box and I wanted something to read on the bus, so I grabbed a paper and bent down and picked up his trash. I walked 15 feet behind where we were standing, and threw the wrapper away.

A few minutes later, he did the same thing. THE SAME THING! INFURIATING! I know both times he consciously dropped the trash. I don't know if he saw me pick up the first wrapper. But after dropping the second he started to walk away. I caught him and asked him to pick up the wrapper. I don't remember what was said now, but we had this weird exchange of me trying to get him to pick it up, him saying that he's keeping that guy who's sweeping employed. I picked up the wrapper and threw it in the trash (which is a big bin next to the entrance of the Davis Square Suway). Then he said something about not seeing the trashcan, etc., and mumbled, and said Thank you! I think I said it's okay, you're welcome, as I tried to turn down my seething anger at a total stranger. Then he walked away down the street.

I take it he wasn't waiting for the bus. He must have been, in fact, standing there and eating his chocolate in order to drop the trash in the path of the person sweeping the ground. AUGH! How does this make sense?

I think I'm a bit stressed out.

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