Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Spring/Summer Project

Is it spring, or summer? The calendar says June, but it's 54 degrees outside and misty. I LOVE this weather, but I've spent weeks preparing myself for the heat of summer, and where is it? I keep dressing too cold for outside and end up chilly both at work and during my commute. It's high time I make myself a skinny lovely yummy scarf to keep me a bit warmer while I wear my spring/summer clothes.

I've decided to make the Dream Swatch pattern. Saw this swatch hanging in Wolcot Yarn in Harvard Square during May Fair and I must make it! It looks pretty simple once you know the trick. Wish I had some fancy bamboo/silk to use. My lace ribbon scarf is taking forever, so I guess I'm going to make this NOW! I just found leftover bit of the Tofutsies used to kill me in Sock Wars III. There should be just enough of this left to make this pattern.

Here's a link to my project on Ravelry in case you're in the know.

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donna said...

If that is the scarf that i think it is it will be very pretty and just enough of a scarf to keep you warm when it is chilly out. let me know how it goes