Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sister visits

My older sister is coming for a short visit this weekend. We always get lots of yummy takeout, she tries to 'organize' me, and we stay up late and giggle as sisters do. This time I get to try on bridesmaid dresses for her wedding in October. Not sure if this will be fun or not, but at least we have lots of other things planned for aafterwards, like a trip to Ikea. Yay! So all this week I've been trying to clean the place up - take the recycling out to the bins, put all the boxes of cat litter in one place, put my clothes IN the dresser and not next to the dresser, and yes, CLEAN. Tonight I need to scrub the bathroom down (it's time anyway) and attack the stove (which has been looking quite nasty for over a month). When you live alone you just sort of ignore a lot of things.

I also have dirt and gardening supplies all over my tiny kitchen, and that's got to at least be consolidated by Friday night when she arrives.

I can't wait!!!


a nutt said...

I can't wait to see what you get at Ikea!

a nutt said...

btw - I think we need to see pictures of the shelves!!