Monday, August 3, 2009


I'm sitting in the Rochester airport right now trying to distract myself until my flight comes up in a few hours. I was booked for the 11:30 am flight, and found out last night it was cancelled, and moved to the 3:11pm flight. I get to the airport, and they say they are oversold by one person, would I like to get on the list for giving up my seat. I wasn't sure but said yes. As soon as I got through security they called my name, bumped me, and now I basically have a free ticket for my sister's wedding in October. Yippee! But now I'm sitting here in the cold A/C on a yucky chair surfing online. Could be a lot worse, and I'm finally the one to get the ONE free ticket they offer. Take THAT USAir! I'll reach my apartment about 9pm instead of my planned 2pm, but I will save money later, which is really what I need.

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a nutt said...

Just think of it as extending your time off a little. More time to yourself. Less time having to do laundry! hahaha Hope you got home safe. Can't wait to here how the shower (that was the reason, right?!) went.