Monday, November 23, 2009

it's so easy! ...or is it?

--excerpted from an email last week--

oh, I'm knitting my hat on size 10 circulars (29") and it's getting tight. I need to start decreasing and thought i could magic loop it, but I'm not sure the cord is long enough. I thought, no problem, I'll just switch to my interchangeable needles, but my stupid set does not have the same measurements as everything else! A 10 is supposed to be 6.0mm. My interchangeable Boye set has the 10 at 5.75mm. I only figured this out a few months ago and realized that part of my too tight knitting issue was NOT my fault! but actually the fault of the faulty kit designers. So in fact my too tight knitting was exacerbated by the inconsistency of the world of Boye. Right now I'm trying to figure out if I should:

a. switch to the boye needles and attempt to knit a little looser so I won't see the difference in tension

b. switch to the boye needles, notice the difference in tension and swear up a storm as I try to decide whether or not to rip it out

c. continue on with current circular needles until knitting becomes painful, THEN switch to horrible said boye tips and give myself a migraine

d. somehow magically successfully use the magic loop method to finish fantastic hat before the snow flies and avoid stupid boye set altogether

e. use boye needle tips as fondue skewers and give up knitting

f. sell boye set on ebay and pass the frustration on to another unsuspecting knitter, thereby calming the voices in my head that scream for consistency, and maybe buy myself the nicey-nice KnitPicks interchangeable set.

My friend Annmarie has been wooed by KnitPicks. Do you have any of their needles? What do you think?

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