Monday, August 22, 2011


I'm nearly done with the cuff of my first 'real' pair of socks.* Looks nice, doesn't it? I'm at 5.5 inches. The pattern calls for 6.5 inches, but these are men's socks, so do I have to make the cuff as long for me?

Let's take a look at some sock patterns in my Ravelry queue...Charade calls for a cuff 7-8 inches long,  Thuja and Rivercat recommend 7 inches, and Mr. Pitt's Socks call for 9. It turns out that maybe the cuff length in this pattern might be a bit short to start off with, so maybe I shouldn't

I was also a bit worried that I was running out of yarn. I know that's crazy but I weighed the ball already on the postal scale here at work and it measures up to be 3.3 ounces remaining in the ball. I looked up what the original skein weight and it was 3.53 ounces. So, not running out of yarn!

*Okay, so I have made a pair of socks, in 2008, in worsted weight yarn, as preparation for Sock Wars. But I don't seem to have a post about it. And for some reason I don't consider them real socks.  I do have one about Sock Wars though, right here! The socks I made are really bright and a bit baggy. They are complete, I wear them when it's cold, so they're socks!

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