Sunday, February 5, 2012

Quick projects

I've been fighting off a bad case of startitis for weeks now, and seeing finished projects on a few blogs coupled with a small project finish by a friend pushed me right over the edge. My friend sent me a pic of her mug cozy - so cute, useful, and quick! I decided right then to find a quick project and make it so I could have the satisfaction of finishing something. Easy, right? Just go on to Ravelry and pick out something.

Hold on now, not so fast. After about 5 minutes of browsing I thought to myself, "Self, don't get ahead of yourself. Let's be practical. Pick something based on your stash or your queue. Pick a small project that you've been wanting to make anyway. You must have something." So, I restarted my search and found the Nest Tote, added to my queue back in March 2010. I even ordered yarn from Knit Picks back in 2010 to make it. The pattern says it only takes "a few hours". Yes, I'm a slow knitter. Yes, it's not straight forward garter stitch. It will be fine!

So this weekend I've been working on a "small" project, this market bag, for 4 hours so far. Yes, I made a mistake once and had to tink back two rows but all I have to show for my time is 4 inches of knit mesh. I have to knit 24 inches of mesh. then sew together, then complete the handles. I've finally realized this project is not small at all.  I should have made the Infinity barrette from my queue, or maybe another dishcloth to go with one I made years ago. Or maybe I should be working on that darn knit-a-long shawl!

So much for the quick satisfaction of a weekend project. Maybe I'll weave in the ends on the first and only dishcloth I made 4 years ago this month (is it possible that I've been knitting for that long?) I've never used the dishcloth because of the ends. Maybe now I can use it - I've been thinking of switching from shower puff back to washcloth. This would be just the thing.

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