Friday, January 4, 2013

Merry merry, happy snow, and all that

Another year slips in while I'm weighed down with a cold, and suddenly I'm behind again. What is it about the change of the calendar that prompts such a flurry of resolute promises that I wear myself out. The nature of my job means that every year end is a race of figures to justify and balance the books without ignoring the day to day tasks.

It's tempting to scurry along to catch up, make my lists, revise old lists, and accomplish, accomplish, accomplish. Then I found a post by Robert Krulwich on the NPR blog, and took a breath. Read
Another Year And I'm Still Here: A New Year's Meditation and take a breath with me.

The lists will be there, the unfinished improvement projects, knitting projects vibrating in the wings, piles of books beckoning to me to curl up in bed and read. There will be time enough for it all, and for this little blog too.

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