Monday, August 5, 2013

False starts

I've been experiencing a lack of focus on all fronts for months now - blogging, dating, fitness, organization, blah blah blah. It's not important - there are too many to name.

In terms of blogging, I have 10 draft posts sitting behind the scenes that span the last year and half. I start writing a post and then get all perfectionist about it, save it for later, and never return to review it.  Most of them are 80-90% finished. A few are one liners on topics I thought I wanted to write about here.

This blog is really for my own thoughts anyway, so what does it matter if it's organized? I think I struggle with wanting to have a blog and also wanting a written journal, filled with art and momentos. It's hard to include the content I want in a virtual format - my ticket stub from the Neil Gaiman reading is a tangible thing. I suppose I could scan it in and toss it, but that added level of work just won't fit in to the limited free time I have. Besides, I love paging through overstuff books, seeing my handwriting in different inks and with things sticking out of the pages.

Perhaps I should keep a physical journal and then scan and upload the pages here. But how much of that journal is private? The struggle continues.

For the meantime, here's what I'm doing lately:
  • I joined Boston Sports Club - I go back and forth with gyms, but this one is a BLOCK from me and I did a trial 30 day pass last summer and loved it. I have been thinking of joining since then, and last week I took the plunge
  • I've started running. I haven't run lately, since I was without an indoor space to run, and it was hot and humid, but now that I've got the gym it's time to start up run/walk intervals again.
  • Penpals - I joined The League of Extraordinary Penpals to try and reconnect with letter writing
  • I participated in Tour de Fleece, a spinning competition/motivation event and spun a little over half of the fiber I started with, 2.2 of 4 ounces. 

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3goodrats said...

I have several draft posts I've been sitting on too! I'll get an idea, write the beginning of a post, then it just sits there. I need to accept that it's ok to post even if the idea isn't fully developed or if I don't come to some profound conclusion.