Thursday, October 3, 2013

Don't miss out - Phat fiber quaere fibre sock yarn giveaway!!

A real post with actual content is in the works (aren't they always) but until then, check out the Phat fiber Quaere Fibre sock yarn giveaway.

I found out about Phat Fiber on one of the Ravelry boards (I think for Knitting Go's green-a-long kal going on now) and it turns out they do lots of giveaways on their blog.

The blurb from their website:
The Phat Fiber Sampler box is a way for independent fiber, yarn and related needlecraft companies and artisans to promote their products through a tactile goodie box that goes on sale once monthly. Our contributors get exposure while the consumers get to handle and experiment with products before making larger purchases. 

Pretty cool huh?

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