Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hubba-Bubba Nightmare

It's a beautful Saturday outside. The heatwave has gone, the sun is out, lots of fun and free things to do outside, and where am I? Sitting in my apartment at my messy desk, sorting through receipts as far back as January 2007. Thing is, I feel like organizing my receipts - going through the drawer full of them, sniffing them out in the various piles in my apartment, used as bookmarks in books I haven't finished reading, still in plastic bags with purchases, all those online purchases I've made and not written down, TODAY is the DAY!

I used to be very good about keeping track of my expenses, how much I'd spent on eating out, extra things, household expenses, ect, thanks to sitting down and entering things into Quicken on my computer. Well, this year I haven't really done this at all. I vowed to clean it all up and enter things and get a clearer picture of my finances before I moved in March, but that didn't happen, what with um, moving and all. Now here I am, almost 3 months in to living in my new fab place, and receipts are just a small part of the paper disaster that is my apartment. It's rare that one gets the movitavation to tackle an enormous project like this, and today I have that strength. Some might say, why not just throw it all out? It's not like keeping hold of your ATM receipts is going to do you any good. True, true. I no longer keep ATM receipts, or ones from places such as Starbucks, places where I would refuse a receipt if I could, but they force them on you.

SO, now that I've procrastinated a bit and written on my blog *yay* I will dive into my desk and hope I come out the other side without any papercuts.

Incidentally, if you wondering what the title is about, then you clearly haven't discovered The Mighty Boosh!

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