Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Shopping crazy

This time of year always sends me into a shopping rage, wanting to buy new clothes to endure the hot summer, fun cheap shoes because hey, it's summer, and my financies surely know that I need to spend some extra cash. Last weke I bought 3 pairs of shoes at Payless. Yesterday I tried on cropped pants, capris, and was desperately searching for a fun but okay for work skirt. Do I need more clothes? I probably have enough cropped pants and things from last year left over that I don't need any more. But I don't think I even own a skirt, so I'd like to purchase and actually wear one this summer.

Why stop at clothes and shoes? I ordered a messenger bag from that should arrive next week, and I have a whole list of books and music that I want to get. Most of those can wait though. Books never go out of style. :)

I did buy a book yesterday for a book club I joined through that discusses classic books. The book for this Sunday is Narcissus and Goldmund by Herman Hesse. I've never read his work but he has this reputation of being a deep thinker. I am only on chapter 4 so I doubt I'll finish the book by Sunday, but I have to try. This will be my first book club meeting ever, and I'm not sure how things work. Are there set topics? Do people talk in turn about the book? I'm hoping that it's not like some of the grad courses I took as an undergrad, where I felt like I was the only person in the room who wasn't up to speed. Ah, the pressure! I need to relax about it, go expecting only to meet new people, maybe get a good cup of coffee. And who knows, maybe I'll like the book! I haven't joined up with a group in the past becuase I had absolutely no interetest in what they were reading. This time, I figured I had to take the plunge.

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