Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Ornament Exchange Received

Today in the mail I received my ornament from Gillian in The Gift of Stitching Christmas Ornament Exchange. It was just the thing to get me in a good mood today. She also sent a nice card with hollyberries and a skein of silk floss. I believe the color is called Blue Lagoon. I'll have to find a biscornu chart for it.
I like this style of stitching more and more, and I'm glad someone else used over-one stitching. I have been working on an ornament for the past month that is have over-two and half over-one, and it's been driving me batty. None of my friends cross stitch and they all think I'm crazy for pursuing these tiny stitches.

Check out my first successful toe-up start. I did this Monday night with LOTS of help from Cassandra. At this point the stitches for this sock are parked on pens and spare needles while I use the size 11s to start the second sock. For some reason I couldn't finish off the sock. I want to make sure it is long enough in the cuff for my dad, so I want to see how long I can make them, and make sure they end up the same.

Last but not least, here's a view of Harry parked for the day on my bed in the middle of the Christmas wrapping mess.


a nutt said...

LOVE the wall color! It looks SO great!!!

Anonymous said...

I found this post today and I had to show it to you. Of everyone I know you will appreciate it.

So tiny, so happy.

Happy New Year lady! See you soon.