Monday, December 15, 2008

Stitching plans

A lot of my friends are making gifts this year both as Christmas presents and for selling at craft fairs and a sci-fi convention that's happening in January. They flurry of actvity is high - with yarn, beads, thread, origami paper, and more being turned into beautiful wearable art. I myself have been stitching teeny tiny stitches on cross stitch ornaments. One was for an exchange I took part in (see earlier post). I have stitched one more and am trying to wrap up the tiny lettering on a third. Can't post pictures just yet as there is the chance that the recipients might see them here.

Oh, and I've just decided to add a knitting project into the mix as a Christmas present too. What am I thinking??? I don't even have the yarn yet. Tonight after work I am dashing to Windsor Button to get the yarn and needles, and meeting my friend Cassandra so she can show me the pattern. Nevermind that before I went away for Thanksgiving she wrote the pattern down for me and demonstrated the difficult bits on one she was making. Nevermind that I already made a gauge swatch, I have no memory of the pattern!

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