Saturday, October 3, 2009

1.365.2009 photos

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I've decided to join a photo project on Flickr titled 365 days. I've been wanting to get back into photography and keep thinking that I need to start taking photos again consistently before I join one of these groups, but I had it backward. Joining the group will motivate to take the pictures.

This group is for self-portraits, which I kind of like doing but I don't lik pictures of myself. I'm hoping this project will get me taking pictures again and also maybe help me be not so hard on my body and appearance. Wih me luck!

I'll be using my LG Dare phone and my Canon PowerShot A540 camera.

This is my first 35 days photo. I had just picked up my copy of No Impact Man from the library and settled in to read.
(Taken October 1, 2009, day1 of my start)

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