Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fidgety people drive me nuts. It's bad enough that I'm on a train that is not moving, escaping the rain that has soaked through my pants and knee-high socks, but now I also cannot enjoy my wonderful book because I can see you fussing in my peripheral vision. With your bag. Your wallet. Your scarf and how it rings your neck. Yes, you are straddling two open seats and mange to KEEP bumping into me. I want my space. I position myself in every situation so that I will not have to put up with unnecessary touching. Yes, put your headphones in NOW, after we've been on the train for 15 minutes. Can you hear me screaming in my head? And now the woman on my left is poking me with her bony arm. How many times do you need to adjust your iPod?

--updated 2/28/2010--
Um, yes, I was ranting a bit, but really people. Be aware of your body. PLEASE!

and that photo above is from when my big sister and I stopped at the cafe at the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum and had amazing coffee, divine mushroom soup, and some unspeakable dark chocolate bread pudding.

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