Thursday, April 22, 2010

knitting mostly

Or should I say, this is about other people's knitting, since mine has completely stalled despite the lack of lovely yarn and patterns covering my couch.

I just wanted to share this story by futuregirl about knitting with a stranger in the park.

I think I first saw mention of this by ElectroGirl, but it might have been mooncalf as she has the banner up now too, but a new-to-me blog I'm following is who has organized the upcoming Knitting and Crochet Blog Week. The main post for the details is here but basically it's encouraging us crafters to blog every day for a week and also to write about unified themes. I hope to take part in this and continue this odd burst of blogging to hopefully continue it as a regular thing.

I've also been tweaking the layout - added a blog list of which ones I read the most lately on the right there, and added a link to my Flickr photostream. I like the boxes and colors of this basic blog template, but I don't like that there is so much empty page space. Maybe it's time to refresh my html skills and write my own templates again.

Oh, and today marks a whole week of tracking eating and working out. Go me!

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