Monday, January 12, 2009

And the Most Beautiful Nasal Passages Award Goes to...

Me! This morning before work I had an ENT appointment to recheck my sinuses. In March 2005 I had sinus surgery to repair my deviated septum and widen the nasal passages. Immediately after surgery I felt improvement. During 2008 I seemed to ahve a lot of sinus issues, with 4 bouts of sinus infection needing antibiotics, and numerous colds or lingering issues in between. I felt like it was time to get the schnozz checked out again, see if there was scar tissue or perhaps polyps growing.

Today when I saw Dr. Diamond she said I had been worked on by one of the best in the biz, and that she has always admired his work, even back when he was an intern. Nice to know he's got a good reputation. Apparently there are 6 different areas of the sinus, and she could only see 5 of the 6 with the scope since the last one is pretty far back and ultra sensitive, with an extra cluster of nerve endings. He worked on all of them, sculpting wide passages and taking a large chunk out of my septum. I have no scar tissue, no polyps, no pools of fluid, no excessive swelling or irritation. It's finally time to take the allergy test. I've been seeing doctors about my sinuses since I was 14, and this is the first time a doctor has recommended that I take the scratch test. Whoopee! I doubt we'll get any answers from that, but it's worth a shot.

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