Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm In Love With A Beautiful Cowl

Thank you Ravelry! Once again you've come to my rescue, providing me with the perfect object to dream about curling up with, stroking, wearing all around the house and work until someone finally asks me if I have hickies all over my neck. That's right, it's a cowl. Not just any cowl, but a noble cowl with lovely lacy stitches but in a thick enough yarn that I can attempt this and expect to finish this project before winter ends. If I start right now. And keep working on it. And don't get distracted.

I think I will take the designer's advice and cast on 105 stitches for a snugger fit. I want this thing to keep me warm.

I'm posting a picture of someone else's finished project until I get my own underway. Yay! Check out Toonces project on Ravelry to see more cool images of it. I'll be using much darker yarn than most that made this pattern, but I'm trying to use what I have and not march out and buy yarn for this. I have some great Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran in eggplant and cashmerino dk in deep turquoise. The eggplant was purchased to make the Irish Hiking Scarf but now I'm casting on for this cowl instead.

Okay - back now after blogger difficulties and I'm on the 3rd row of the cowl. Hooray! Cast on 105 instead of 120, but I'm using size 10 needles to make up for my tight stitching, so we'll see what size this turns out. Oh, and I've managed to watch the entire first season of Coupling while doing it. Gotta love those brits.

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