Sunday, January 4, 2009

For the Love of Journalling

New year, new book, right? For the past few years I've been trying to keep both a calendar book and a journal, and both seem to fall apart a few months into the year. Last year I took the Moleskine journal I'd been using since July 2007 and turned it into a catch-all book with journal entries, calendar stuff, and my lists of books and craft progress all in one place. The Moleskine still isn't used up, but I am sick of staring at the thing.

I love journals, blank books, organizers, calendars, sketch books, etc, but no one book ever has all of the features that I need/want in a book.

Here's the magic combination:
-embedded ribbon bookmark
-pocket in back
-beautiful cover
-elastic bungee/tie feature to keep book closed
-book binding so it will lie flat
-pretty inside pages
-Gilded edges

I went to Bob Slate Stationers today to pick out a new book and came home with this lovely blue embossed leather book. I think this will do if I fit it out with my calendar print outs like last year.

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