Sunday, May 10, 2009

Growing Time

---Written April 20, 2009---

I've been thinking about growing a fire escape garden for the past few weeks, but for much longer than that I've been fixated on having more house plants and growing some herbs, and maybe even vegetables of my own.

On Sunday I finally started this project. A while ago (last summer?) I purchased a cute herb growing kit that came with an aluminum tub and seeds for thyme, lavendar, and oregano. A very fragrant mix. This kit has been sitting on top of my fridge since I bought it, and on Sunday I finally pulled it out and put everything together.

I made some quickie plant markers by cutting up a milk jug. I'd like to make some different markers that are a nicer shape, and decorate them with Sharpie markers with the Latin names written out. I'm sure Martha Stewart has some materials on her site - she always does.

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