Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Busy as a Bee

I went on a trip to Rochester over Mother's Day weekend for a slew of events - graduation, baby shower, friend visits, family visits, and Mother's Day. One of the lovely things I did on Monther's Day was go to the Public Market with my mom for breakfast and plant shopping. We had some great empanadas made by Juan and Maria and then went looking for plants. During May the Rochester Public Market is open Sundays just for plant sales. Although it was cold, we stayed long enough for mom to pick up some irish moss, ostritch ferns, and some interesting begonias I can't remember the names of. Mom also bought some wildflower seeds, and I picked up some seeds for sage, spinach, and kale. I'm pretty sure all the vegetable seeds I've purchased are for dwarf varieties, so I shouldn't have a 2-foot wide kale plant appearing on my fire escape.

Tuesday night I split up some of the basil seedlings and planted sage seeds - only six this time - in a larger pot. I think my intiial round of seed planting was over zealous. I wasn't expecting anything to grow from my seeds, so in each egg carton cup I put at least 6 seeds. Whoops. No wonder my seedlings aren't getting any bigger. They probably don't have any room.

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