Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Slow progress, or maybe not...

I finally saw some change on the scale this week. After three weeks of nothing, I'm 3.4 down, bring me to 18.4 down since April 24, 2010 (my starting off point). I should be excited, thrilled, blah blah blah. The only ting running through my head lately is "how long until I get to my goal?" Or even "how long until I get to my mid-way goal of 200?" Seems like a long time away. Forever. I've been using a free App on my iPod Touch called Lose It! to track food and exercise. It lets me put in a goal and plan how much I want to lose per week up to two pounds, so two pounds it is. Even with that formidable weekly target I will not hit 200 until January 6, 2011 (according to the program). I thought - that can't be right, let me do the math myself. I printed out a blank calendar sheet for September 1 - December 31 and wrote in what my weight should be each week with the 2 pound loss. Well, the tech program is right. January 6, 2011, If I stay on track and lose that much each week. If I never give in to temptation and don't hit any plateaus. Ugh.

*Yeah, if I cared about people knowing how much I weighed before, I guess I don't now. Whatever the number is now it less than my highest. So figure out whatever you want. Thbbft!

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Annmarie said...

We are on a very similar schedule my dear. I have come to terms with it taking me a year at least. We should have a support meeting.