Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Books for All

The flow of books in and out of my life is is at tidal wave intensity right now. They are like bunnies, multiplying when my back is turned, appearing in my handbag as if from nowhere. If I manage to give away, donate, or sell a book or two, the very same day I bring a new book into my life. Let's examine the previous 7 days:

2/5 +4
Purchased 1 book at Borders
Received 5 books by mail from this book club I just signed up for (bad!)
Sent away two books requested through BookMooch

2/4 -2
Sent away two books requested through BookMooch

2/3 0
no book flow
Finished reading 1 book, listed it on BookMooch to give away

2/2 +3
Brought 5 bags of stuff to Goodwill Stores (no books in that)
Purchased 3 books at Goodwill Stores

2/1 +2
Received 2 books through BookMooch

In summary, I have 7 more books than I started out with. Bad book purger!

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