Friday, February 15, 2008

Hooray for Dermatology

This morning I had my first dermatology appointment in at least 5 years. it has taken me 6-9 months to book an appointment that was not mysteriously wiped out of the computer system. Repeatedly I asked friends for referral names, called offices, and made appointments. Repeatedly I was told the doctor was:
-not accepting new patients
-on sabbatical
-on maternity leave
-not availble for 6 months, and they couldn't schedule that far out.

AUGH! I finally found an office in Cambridge with Harvard Vanguard, and made an appointment 3 months out. I called to confirm a week before the appointment, and they had no record of me. I tried again. I called to confirm a month before, and no go, no appointment. This time, I somehow managed to secure an appointment with a female dermatologist, and actually see her!

She confirmed my treatment options for rosacea, wrote me a new prescription, and told me that my painful face is most likely because of the harsh weather we are having. Right now as I type, my face feels like it's burning. It's very red. I haven't been outside for two hours, and today is a warm day 43 degrees (wind chill 35 degrees). This week I've also had a lot of break-out effect from the rosacea.

Dr. Noree also removed a bunch of skin tags for me. Hallelujah!

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